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Hi everybody,

I simply MUST tell you about an ultra-rare find I made:
From the relatives of a deceased musician, I bought a silver-plated SML Super 47 Alto in pristine original condition, see pictures given in the thread SML "Super 47 - Help please"!!
It seems no-one in the whole SOTW community owns such a horn, so if you are interested in acquiring this extremely hard-to-find classic, please make me an offer above 2000 US$!

Ok, seriously now, and Mr. Moderator please bear with me, this was just my last desperate attempt to create any attention.
Is there really nobody out there who owns such a horn (or one in between 1945 and 1948 vintage) who could send me a clear picture showing the octave mechanism?
(If you have not read the thread I am referring to: The topmost part of this mechanism on the body is missing on my horn, and I could easily re-manufacture it if I knew how it looked originally, so please can somebody help me...)

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