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Uaid music is a collective of musicians, this tune is called "taking courage".
This tune is particularly rich in the rhythm section : 2 bass and 2 drums!

Credits :Composed & arranged by Federico Procopio

Federico Procopio: guitars
Andrea Di Pasqua: guitar
Martino Onorato: keys
Fabrizio D'Alisera: tenor sax
Roberto Lo Monaco: bass
Adriano Matcovich: bass
Alessandro Pizzonia: drums
Mauricio Melo: drums

video & editing by Federico Procopio
color correction by Amir RA

recorded at Box36 Studio by Alessandro Pizzonia
mixed by Eugenio Vatta


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Lovely music Fabrizio. So good to hear you playing music that's outside the mainstream idiom. Fine playing by all and good to hear you adding your considerable talent to this enterprise. Nice build to your solo. Amazing the way the two drums can compliment and not step all over each other. Sign of good musicians who can put their egos aside and work together to make the music work.

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Nice stuff, the kind of music that we used to call “ Jazz rock” in the ‘70, reminds me of the days when the original “ Perigeo" were around , I am old enough to remember them well:bluewink2:
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