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"Saxello" is a model name by the H.N. White Co. - KING Band Instruments. Modern tipped-bell sopranos are not like the real Saxello, yet they insist on calling them "saxellos."

The Saxello had a curved neck and a bell tipped at 90-degrees. Buescher also made a tipped-bell version of their TrueTone soprano in the 1920's, with a bell tipped at a less severe angle than the Saxello. Modern makers have issued tipped-bell sopranos with the less extreme curvature of the real Saxello.

I've owned both (a King Saxello and a Rampone tipped-bell). There is little advantage, in my view to either the Saxello or the modern tipped-bell. Racking them on a gig is a real problem unless you can find a suitable stand. DAVE
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