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Hello Guys, I have two Guardala for soprano sax, a Traditional and a Post Bop. The traditional is inclusive of ligature and cap while the Post Bop no..... The ligature of the Traditional is not perfectly straight (it works great but is a little crooked) and since I have already a FL Ultimate, I am looking for a ligature similar to the original. The original ligature is the classic ''two screws ligature'', the problem is the small size that it is difficult to find. Finding an original Guardala Ligature is virtually impossible for me..... so I did a little research to see what mouthpieces have the same external dimension to seek the only ligatures. I have helped myself with ''Saxophone Ligature Sizing Guide'' on the Rovnerproducts site, on Guardala fits the 1MVS and and I found that the 1MVS fits the following mouthpieces (in theory, I suppose they have the same external dimensions):

- Yanagisawa Metal
- Beechler bellite
- Ottolink STM
- Bari Metal

I immediately discarded the ligature of STM (I tried it and I do not like)

Anyone know where I can find any of these ligatures preferably inclusive of cap?
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