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Two Great Altos together in the same section-- Must Listen

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These cats play alto the way it is supposed to be played. Two of the greatest living alto players trading 4's on a burnin Honeysuckle Rose for the new Bernie Wallace CD Disorder on the Border. Brad Leali and Jesse Davis are jaw-dropping players with to-kill-for tone. Along with Vincent Herring they make up the "holy trinity" of current jazz alto players. If you don't like this then try guitar. Now if we can get all three together to do ALTO SUMMIT II cd.
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I heard Brad at IAJE last January with the Jerry Dodgion group ( the most beautiful set of music I heard at the meeting). Leali was awesome-- what a BEAUTIFUL sound. And he lives in Lubbock TX. Went out a bought every cd with him on it I could find. Prioroty Soul and Live in Europe are must-haves for any serious alto player's collection.
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