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Turned to the Dark side

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After years of playing cheaper vintage saxes, I purchased 2 cannonballs this weekend! I bought a new Raven alto, and a Global Series black nickel tenor. Have to say, they look great together, and sound great too! I tested the Raven against a 52nd Street, a Yamaha 62III, and CB Brute/Nickel/Ruby, and it was the clear winner! The tenor was a happy accident, a family in the city I was visiting had it for sale, and my wife and I agreed it was too good a deal to pass up. While I've been happy with my Chu Berry alto, I felt I needed a modern horn to begin grad school, and I have nothing resembling a professional tenor.

Would a SS fat neck fit a Global tenor by any chance? It came with the silver neck for that model, but I'm digging the SS Fat Neck on my alto.
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vini88, welcome to the light side . . . .
Thanks, I've been wanting a Cannonball for a while now, always had an affinity for the Raven. I only say "dark side" because both horns are black nickel, only saxes I own now that aren't yellow brass or unlacquered. I'm finally excited to join the club!
My Vintage Reborn alto is a dark amber lacquer. Somewhere in between dark and bright.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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