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Turned to the Dark side

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After years of playing cheaper vintage saxes, I purchased 2 cannonballs this weekend! I bought a new Raven alto, and a Global Series black nickel tenor. Have to say, they look great together, and sound great too! I tested the Raven against a 52nd Street, a Yamaha 62III, and CB Brute/Nickel/Ruby, and it was the clear winner! The tenor was a happy accident, a family in the city I was visiting had it for sale, and my wife and I agreed it was too good a deal to pass up. While I've been happy with my Chu Berry alto, I felt I needed a modern horn to begin grad school, and I have nothing resembling a professional tenor.

Would a SS fat neck fit a Global tenor by any chance? It came with the silver neck for that model, but I'm digging the SS Fat Neck on my alto.
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Not a lot of folks are aware that you can get a fat neck in any finish and choice of resonance stone if you email Cannonball and go through one of their dealers to make the purchase. The horns come with the silver so people think that’s all there is. They’d also answer your size question.
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