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The initial direction this thread has taken is a bit odd, IMHO.

It's kinda hard to tell what 'side hustle' means, exactly.

Other than it seems clear that you do not intend to use this as your primary income source (i.e. you got a day job)....

It is also impossible to tell exactly what level the OP is at as an instrumentalist, so perhaps strafing them as mediocre or intimating they are a bit much ????

Yeah you can get into the whole "my branding" thing and learn how to do that as Dave notes....broadcast yourself all over the place if you wanna....lots of folks do. You can, if you are ready to make the effort and have the focus and all that...and if that's what you wanna do.

....but a side hustle can also be as simple as ....going out and busking on a corner or two a couple times a week....

He's not suggesting trying to make a living exclusively playing the sax. Geez, you guys are harsh.
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