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I received the following email from a friend with a request that I post it on SOTW;

"Hi John.. hope you are well and happy. A fellow, Jim Cook has sent me this email. I have put it up on 2 of my pages for him. I thought you may know a few more places to put it. I should think his Dad has died by now, I mean Jim himself must be up in his 70's. Or you may have even heard of his old Dad.. that would be nice." Take Care Beverley

Looking for my Dad. I was wondering if anyone has any info on a Russell R (Ted) Cook, who played the sax in & around the Chicago area during the mid 30's to the early 40's. He was born and raised in Grand Rapids Michigan. He went out of our lives in the early 30's, I talked to him very briefly in 1950 and never heard another word. I would appreciate any information. - Jim Cook
email : [email protected]"
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