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This is a double post as I posted the question in my TrueTone thread as well. Noone seem to have noticed it there, so I thought I'll check it out here:

Just a question regarding intonation issues and TT altos.

I just had a look at the octave pip placement on 4 of my alto necks. A jupiter neck witch fits the TT perfect and intonates better in the top than the original has its octave pip placed about 7-8 mm further down the horn than the original. On my selmer SA80II neck it's placed even a few mm further down. The bauhaus W. neck octave vent is placed between the jupiter and the TT position. All these necks fit the TT perfectly BTW (but I haven't tested them all with the TT). I have compensated for varying neck lengths.

Did anybody measured the pip placement on different TT and aristocrat necks? Any difference between the supposedly good intonating #02 neck and the others?

Just a thought

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