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Trouble with very high notes on alto

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Hello, im having trouble hitting anything higher than a high d. The octave key doesnt seem to work. For example when i go for an eb3 without pushing the octave key it plays the note but when i push the thumb down it doesnt hit it. Ive tried tightening the embouchre but no luck. It work better if i blow very lightly though...

I admit im not experienced so could be me, but i never remember having this much trouble with it.

Any help?


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If it is the way you are blowing, then think more of increasing breath pressure as you go higher, rather than tightening embouchure.

If it is a fault with the operation of the mechanism for the two octave keys, then you could see a technician, or do some of your own diagnosis (even cure) using:
However, this is one of the most complicated areas of a sax to mess with, and unless you understand what you are doing, you could make things worse for the technician who eventually deals with it.
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