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Troubadour Octave Problem

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I really like the sound of my 1932 Troubadour tenor, but every once in a while, in the heat of a solo on a gig, the notes above high C come out an octave lower, which leads me to believe that the octave key isn't working properly. The mechanism is fairly complex, because of the unusual keywork on the Troubadour. Is there something I should look for in order to remedy the situation myself, or do I need to bring it to a technician?
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Could it be that double spring on the chromatic side C key - the one supposed to open as the altissimo E/F vent key?

I have no knowledge of these horns, don't own one, but found the info on saxpics.....

On the notes above A2, the neck octave key should be open. Easy to see as it is in front of your nose. If it is opening, check to see that the pad skin is not sticking on the pip AND possibly there is dirt in the pip hole.
The octave definitely does not open above A2, but the pad isn't sticking. Is there any other reason this could be happening?

Thanks for taking the time to respond.
It may be missing the cork on the lever that sticks up from the body, the lever may be bent or the octave key on the neck is bent so that the lever doesn't move the pad.
I brought it to a technician, and he found a way to get the mechanism moving again. Thanks for your help!
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