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Trip to the Beach

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This track started off as an experiment to see what Spitfire Audio Labs free VST instruments sounded like. First, Tundra Atmos provides the ocean atmospheric sounds. Then a couple tracks of the Pedal Pads Azure Piano and Cloud Wurli with the swelling pads. Kontakts Berlin Piano playing a simple ostinato. Nice little ambient track so far. Add some BFD Drums and presto.

In the prior six weeks I'd been working on an embouchure change on saxophone in the hopes of fixing some intonation problems and reducing wear and tear on my lower lip. Things were starting to feel normal and my tone was changing (maybe for the better). Time to record and see what was what. So I had this handy ambient track to play over and off I went.

After the alto was recorded, I was digging it. But it was screaming for some slightly strange voice-over.

The resulting track can be described as warm, comforting, beautiful, slightly funny and just a little bit creepy.

Then I attempted a video to place the entire track into an, errrr, appropriate setting.
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