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Hi all just go back from NYC. Great great hang. Met with Tim Price for drinks across the street from Roberto's Woodwinds and went for Martini's for the wife and Tim NA beer for me. Tim passed the Emily test so that's good enough for me.

The trip started in the security line at the St. Louis airport when the TSA agent scanning my horn asked me to break it out and play a little. Of course I feared a full cavity body search so I played a little Ornette.

Great time in the Village walking with my girl on our 10th stopping for a drink and just really talking. (We havn't been away from the kids since Ella was born four years ago.

MOMA!!!!!!!!!! Matise.....'nuff said

French Joint for dinner with all Parisian ex-pats. Killer food then a sing a long to Eidith Piaf records and dancing on the tables.

Hamptons with my buddy from CCM '91 who is now a VP at Sony, worked his way up from selling guitar strings for Sam Ash. Unbelievable hang!!!!! Cuban cigars all weekend pool super cool crowd around the fire and some tenor playing.

Sunday afternoon trip to the Jackson Pollock house, closed, so I played some in the yard by the studio. Here are the links:

Finished up the night a killer Hamptons foodie place with sailboats and a great sunset and I even jammed with the reggae band a little.

.......Mark Turner was OK and his drummer Paul Motian wasn't bad either

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