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I'm new to the forum (obviously) and I'm wondering if there is music out there somewhere.

I'm actually an amateur bass player. I trained by reading actual bass lines and not by ear. That was years ago and my theory is non-existent. If the music isn't written down, about all I can do is to play the root of the chord listed.

My son is the sax player, both alto and tenor (prefers alto). He's pretty good for his age (entering high-school) and is learning a lot of theory and working on his improvisational techniques.

I'd love to play along with him just for fun, but I can't find any music that has anything like sax, guitar, and bass parts (I don't know anyone who plays drums, yet). I've heard some guitar, sax, and bass trios out there, but do they all transcribe their own music? Is there some sort of conductor score that people go to for a specific music like that? Or is this some sort of bizarre request that no one can understand?

Jazz is my son's interest, so that's my interest too.

Thanks for any input.
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