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Trinity Guildhall or ABRSM?

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Hi there,

Possibly one for those that are based in the UK. Which of these two exam systems would you recommend? I'm aware that Jazz learning goes much further with Trinity (> grade 8 as opposed to grade 5 only), but from the websites it seems that they are pretty even in what they offer, aside from this. Is ABRSM really more classical in the end? Is Trinity more contemporary in learning material? Does this matter? My aim is to be a better player. Thoughts?
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Cheers for the replies. I'm quite interested in using the exam format to keep me grounded in my progress and to just let me know where I am; I also want to learn more than just jazz. Transcribing is fine for a while, but I'm more interested in being able to develop something for myself that is more relevant to the times in which I live. My previous teacher used ABRSM material to let me have an idea of where I might be, whcih was pretty good, but did seem a little too almost "old world". There was a distinct lack of contemporary material in there. Career is unimportant and a relaxed but motivating method of teaching is. Sounds like a personal decision in the end. Rooty, I see that the Trinity exam format seems to have been reviewed as of 2007, do you know if the support materials have likewise been upgraded? You have a good point there.

Thanks a lot, any other thoughts greatly appreciated.
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