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Traypak Case for Alto

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I am Looking for a Traypak case for my SBA ALto - anybody know of any?

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I think they only made these for tenors.
I have a Mark VI TP from the 60s. Needs some work but sound and the guts are good.
I have one for alto (more modern though - about 1980s) - and use it.
they show up on ebay from time to time
I have one here if you want it for $100 plus shipping....just send me an email.

thanks, mark

[email protected]
Those of you who have them - they are for ALTO?

And they hold a clarinet and flute inside the same case?
Yes Sir Bobby C - they were not all that uncommon for Alto.

I didn't know about those - I thought they only had tenor ones.

I have got to get one of alto cases.
yes for clarinet and flute. Sometimes the flute was on the lid on the really early ones.
this is an early tenor one

they were later relocated underneath the clarinet insert
this is a later alto one

they can be for alto or tenor.
i've had both in the past and currently have one for alto.

Couf horns also had them, though they are rare for JKs
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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