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I was an alto player growing up, but always wanted to play tenor. I've decided to sell my Yamaha YAS-52 and buy a tenor, so I'm thinking of it kind of like a swap. I can't afford to buy a tenor right now without selling the alto (house, kids on the way).

Currently available options of similar value to the YAS-52 are all over the map (literally and figuratively) so I can't play them all in person. I know only I can decide, but I was wondering if anyone had any input or experience with these (especially the small German brand).


1. Buescher Aristocrat (early 1940s) for $750 locally, buyer says good playing condition, no pads needed, etc. but no mouthpiece included

2. 1952 Martin Indiana locally or later 1950's from 2ndending for ~$675, local one says new pads and comes with mouthpiece

3. 1950's Conn 16M from 2ndending for ~$600

4. 1970's Yamaha YTS-21 from 2ndending for ~$575


1. German brand Expression T-402 (made in Taiwan) for $850, hasn't seen much use so should be good to go

2. Yamaha YTS-475 for $1200 (maybe lower) also hasn't seen much use and should be playable but I think this one is out of my price range

Since I've only ever had the modern Yamaha and this is just for fun, I'm kind of inclined to go vintage for the novelty, but the Expression also seems like an interesting option.

There is also a relacquered Aristocrat and a Martin Handcraft Standard on that are within my budget, and I could potentially trade in the alto like buying a car.
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