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I have been working on a couple transcriptions and trying to memorize them. I have been recording my progress and documenting as I go, this is some work in progress, so I was hoping for some feedback on everything from SOTW. There are obvious errors that I can correct in the notes, but tone/concept and ideas to help memorize are greatly appreciated. This is the first time I have even been able to get close to completing "All of Me," So thats why I've decided now was the time to see if anyone can help, or if I just gotta keep going.

Here are my first attempts:
Johnny Hodges - All of Me - Played alongside a recording.

Earl Bostic - Harlem Nocturne - Chorus Only, Played Acapella, really just trying to emulate play style with this.

Thanks for any suggestions and help
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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