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Trane's Passing- 40 Years Ago

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This slipped by without my noticing that John Coltrane passed away 40 years ago on July 17, 1967. Initially, Trane was the sole inspiration for me to play music. I was in a music store in Bloomington Indiana in the spring of 1972. My Favorite Things from the Live At Newport '63 album was playing. I didn't play any instrument or know anything about music but I was immediately captivated by the music (it's 17 minutes long). I bought that used record and purchased my first sax within the year.
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July 17th is a date the Coltrane Church members call Ascension Day for Saint John,we try to keep remembrance and vigil by playing his songs and recordings during that time.September 23rd is his birthday ,another good reason to celebrate the equinox!I heard Ravi Coltrane play the other night and I really enjoyed him!Millions of disciples of Trane!
40 years sounds so like so long but all his music still seems fresh.

thanks for letting us all know,
i never knew it was quite so long!
Hey, 40 years old forumers, one of you may is Trane's reincarnation! :bounce:
And lets not forget a guy that Coltrane once took a lesson from. A guy that is regarded to have all the chops of anyone that ever lived and I'll step out on a limb and point out that Coltrane's rhythmic concepts were largely due to this man.

The one and only.

John Gilmore
Tenor Saxophone
Born: September 28, 1931 -- Died: August 20, 1995

Thank goodness for both of them.
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