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training techniques

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i've been tootling along on my tenor for about a month to six weeks now.

at first, i was just really amazed at how easy it was to just whip up and down a scale and how great it sounded. but then, i started playing along to cd's - about a week ago - and my technique has taken a quantum leap! it's rather amazing at how quickly i progressed just from that.

now, i'm going to go to a jam session i set up. two bass players, a drummer and me. i'm a huge, massive ornette coleman fan, and by that i don't mean i'm obese.
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marton said:

also going to jam with some guys that have played the wangaratta jazz festival here - lotsa big names have appeared there - and i don't mind telling you i'm nervous. i figure i'll sink or swim so what the hell. what doesn't kill me etc etc yada yada

i've been playing tenor for four months.
I suggest letting them know that Ornette is one of your influences--before you play.
All sorts of music written in the past 50 or so years has been given Pulitzers. No judgment there.

I don't think that, no matter your experience with other instruments that you're going to sound like much, including Ornette, maybe especially Ornette, after six weeks on the horn.

But by all means have fun.
No offense meant, but this ain't psych on the web.;)

Sax players don't generally take kindly to cats who think they have the instrument mastered in a couple of months. Sorry.
Wangaretta, that's in Australia, right?

If you're down there, give Bootman or Dogpants a shout. They're a bit more direct than an old Kansas boy.
Sure man, no huhu.

Stretch, have fun, be excited. I'll support that, I suppose. I just thought I was supposed to be impressed at the same time. Can't do that.

I'm a big fan of playing for fun, it sure isn't much for profit. Blow with much testicularity.;)
marton said:
maybe you and other "cats" like you need to make sure about what's being said before you say anything.
Hey, it ain't me shootin' my typewriter hands off about it. Why don't you go back in time to another 'musical lifetime' and play violin with amplification. You seem to have been accepted with that.

Maybe you need to learn to be a little clearer about 'what's happening'.
First off, let me say that I am a HUGE fan of free jazz--from ornette, through Dolphy, Ayler, Brown, Sam Rivers etc. etc. other names you can think of.

I will apologize to you Marton, not for what I've said, but the fact that I believed you understood that guys that haven't played sax very long aren't going to play at the level of Ornette Coleman, plus I don't really think it's quite the place to start learning the horn--or about music.

I remember being a lot younger and thinking that 'free' meant 'unstructured' and doing my own 'thing'. I thought that I was misunderstood in my playing, and that all the mouldy figs just couldn't hear the naturalness in my improvisations.

After I stunk up a few bandstands, and scared a few old drunks at art 'happenings', I wised up and realized it was just that I really didn't really know what I was doing---this after I had been playing and studying for almost 20 years! It's now been 41 years, and I finally feel like I'm starting to get a handle on this music thing.

By all means have fun with your playing--I said that before. But why start a thread like this in a discussion forum as if it's your own blog---especially when we don't really know a thing about you--or you me, other than the fact that you had enough shekels to plonk down on a saxophone, and know some blokes to play with?
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OK. Peaceout:flower:
marton said:
i know you don't like to hear me refer to my past violin playing, but the fact that i've played in bands before on violin and on cd recordings which i can point you to on the web if you like, means that i have a little bit of understanding of musical morés. you'd give me that much wouldn't you? not that it matters to me whether you do or don't.
I would actually be quite interested in hearing your violin playing. I know a couple of violinists and a couple of cellists, and I like to listen to music. It's not just saxophone for me. Could you post a link?
marton said:
so i've been playing since september this year.

so far; playing in two bands. one is called faith in the distance, and i joined a couple weeks ago; they have a myspace.

yesterday i was asked to play on an upcoming recording for a duo called black and white mary; also have a myspace.

am i a freak?
How much are they paying you?
marton said:
it's the big time baby. they're paying me in vodka
In that case, no, you're not a freak.
nobhead1 said:
Dog Pants said:
Referring to Hakukani

'He's not a Richardhead'

(Seasonal joke) - 'Oh yes he is'
...but I try to be a subtle Richardhead.;)

It's the years backstage.
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