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Trade Keilwerth SX90R for Vintage Conn?

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My daughter is a freshman in college & a music ed major. Last year I bought her a Yani tenor & later a Keilwerth alto. Paid over $3500 for each of them. Even though the tenor is her preferred horn, she's been asked to play alto in the college jazz ensemble. Here's the issue... she picked up her roommate's vintage Conn alto & fell in love with it. Now she's looking to trade (down?) to the Conn which I'm not too thrilled about. My question is... since the Keilwerth is practically brand new, would it make sense to trade the Keilwerth & look for a vintage Conn? I've seen prices online for the Conn - about $1800. If that's true I could trade the Keilwerth for the Conn & still have money left over to but her a soprano - or not? What are the advantages/disadvantages in purchasing vintage horns?
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Just buy a Conn outright. They are around for under $1,000 with new pads. What year Conn does she want?
I have a few of the Conn New Wonder models and they are quite good horns for the money. That one in gold plate is priced about right. If she could take a silver one, it would be a lot less (about half). If you want one, PM me and I will call you. These were the models before the 6M and have a great resonant sound. I am playing on one for my main alto (gold plated just like the photo) and it is my choice of the over 20 altos I have. She will really like having the Keilwerth AND a vintage horn!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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