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TR-1000 transcribing tool going for cheap on ebay.

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I've been using the TR-1000 for several years now and I noticed that someone on ebay is selling a number of these for a low price new in box for $50 + 12 S/H.

I like these for transcribing because you can hook them up to anything a record player, vcr, including cd/dvd player. The sound quality isn't as nice as transcribing software on a computer in that you have no graphical interface and there's a learning curve to get the most out of the sound, but they offer a great way to get started pulling licks off of records without having to have a computer in your practice space or studio.

I ordered a couple more as back ups as these go for $250 - 300 brand new.
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Just beware! be sure the seller has a return policy!..
I bought 3 units from different sellers but only one works fine!..
First one is working fine, so i need some back ups but two others got i need to return it..but luckily they accepted it back... but it cost me the return shipping...
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