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Hi all,

I am totally new to this site, but I gotta say good work! as a total begginer to the world of sax, this site has improved my knowledge dramatically after I spent some time reading the various threads, so I say again good work!

I have seen various threads with the same topic and I appologise for adding another one but I need some serious help.

I am looking to buy my first sax but cannot decide which model or make to choose! I have seen the following for sale:

Jupiter 500 series alto saxaphone
Selmer Prelude AS700 Alto Saxophone
Jupiter JAS-565GL Alto Saxophone
Yamaha YAS 23 Alto Saxophone
Yamaha YAS 25 Alto Saxophone
Selmer TS700 Alto Saxophone

I have a budget of approx £250 or $500 so trying to find a Yamaha in this price range is slightly difficult but could be possible.

Any advice on which model to choose, bearing in mind that I am a totally new to sax?

Which models did you guys start out on?

:? :D

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Between the ones in your list, I'll go for the Yamaha first then the Jupiters. I started on a Jupiter (see my sig) and am still using it almost three years later with no complaints. I've tweaked it a bit over the years and use it to play in church and some amateur gigs. Some pros use it too to save on the wear-and-tear on their higher price horns.
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