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Torn between two mps's

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I play soprano, and love them both: Link 9* HR, and Guardala metal (something he did early on, has no real reference number of model).

So, The question: is there a good way to keep a balance between playing them both? Alternate days? Play one per week, then switch?
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you could well keep playing both but if you get the same sound from them, what's the point,
if you use them for different styles, alternate accordingly.
I think I would be inclined to play the mpc that is *harder* (for intonation or response) to play more often - or even all of the time.

Then when you go to the "easy" mpc - you won't have to think so hard.
Play the Guardala for rock and the Link for jazz.
I have a Link metal 8* and a guardala, I use my link for jazz, and my guardala for rock type gigs.
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