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Any of you tried a topsax 'nino? How is it? I want to buy a 'nino to try, but don't wnat to spend € 2500. (The topsax is € 700 around here)
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I've own the topsax nino since January. This is a very well built horn with good intonation. For its size this nino is LOUD. I play it every week and have to back off the mic for fear busting eardrums. I have big hand but the hand position is comfortable enough. Its a very good horm and Bob the seller is a good guy to work with. Its fastly becoming my favorite horn to play beside my Buescher TT tenor.
I bought a gold plated "Gulf" sopranino sax (made in Taiwan) from Bob Campbell (Topsax) several months ago. I've been nothing but satisfied with the purchase. It takes practice to manage it, but it's definitely worth the trouble. It cuts through anything even without a mic. Hope this helps. Mike
I have one too

I have a sopranino Gulf from him and it sounds great and looks great. Keyed to high E. A Mark 6 will be keyed to high F#.... but you have to spend a small fortune to get one.

You can trust Bob Campbell. He is as good as his word, 100% ebay rating, and is working hard to build a great reputation.
Here's my update on Topsax sopranino. GREAT! No problems and I've been playing it almost everyday. So easy to just pull out the nino and practice charts and improvising. And to my surprise playing so much it doesn't mess up my alto and tenor playing. In fact I think it enhanced it. The tone is still great. No corks fell off, springs still good, pads still in good shape, and finish still looks like new. Thanks to the forum I found good reeds and a method for cleaning the horn. I wish I could get another one of those stock mpc's. Great horn. I'm look at purchasing a tenor this year.
Yea, I already bought one in august. I love it too. Not the best horn, but it's good for what I need it for.
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