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Which post should win the Topic of the month November, 2009 contest?

  • [post=902775]SOTW Blues recording[/post]

    Votes: 18 26.5%
  • [post=1276818]Blues in F Improvisation, Please help me out![/post]

    Votes: 10 14.7%
  • [post=1267641]Work Ethic and The Importance of having a great teacher![/post]

    Votes: 6 8.8%
  • [post=1272990]SOTW November 2009 Tune of the Month - Detour Ahead[/post]

    Votes: 8 11.8%
  • [post=1282872]Composers and their "Intentions"[/post]

    Votes: 8 11.8%
  • [post=87916]Rolled Tone Holes - Are They Better?[/post]

    Votes: 6 8.8%
  • [post=1276500]Sax-O-Thon 2009-2010..... IT's ON![/post]

    Votes: 8 11.8%
  • [post=1277106]Haynes Saxophone Manual[/post]

    Votes: 4 5.9%
  • [post=1283149]Selmer Scroll Shank Bari[/post]

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Remaining nominations cumulated

    Votes: 5 7.4%
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New nominations for Novemebr still accepted!

magical pig said:
I found this on "Jazz and money" interesting and have nominated it accordingly for "Topic Of The Month November, 2009"
Please read my message above: No new nominations for this month.
The number of nominations above 10 will break the poll, and I have to adjust it by hand.

I am sorry for this confusion. Will see how to implement it next month.
I found something which should fix the problem:
We are displaying now only 9 nominations. However, you can still nominate new threads, and they will show up, if their votes exceed what is now in the poll (more than 1).

My apologies to the members whose votes I had to delete, in order to re-open the poll. Please re-exercise your rights and nominate again now when you still can.

Oh well, November is almost gone anyway. For December poll I will allow also November 2009 topics to participate. (Not three top ones from this month)

Sorry to confuse you all again, but this has been so far trial and error.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts
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