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Top Tenor Repertoire

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Okay, so I've been really enjoying practicing my tenor of late and I thought it would be great to collect everyone's favourite tenor works! Sort of a who, what, how, why, when (and is it recorded?) of the tenor repertoire.
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Russell Peck "The Upward Stream" is my hands-down favorite, and one of the best saxophone concerti overall. Written for James Houlik, and he recorded it with the London Symphony on his (sadly out-of-print) tenor saxo concerti CD "American Saxophone" on the Koch-Schwann label. Same recording is on a CD of music by Russell Peck on the Albany label, which is still in print.

Email James Houlik ( for his favorites. I'm sure he knows many that I don't.

Eric Ewazen's "Classical Concerto for Tenor Saxophone". It's a refreshing new modern work, also recorded by Houlik.
Two of my favorites are:

Arthur Frachenphol Sonata
James Di Pasquale Sonata

The Frackenphol is very accessible to players and audiences alike.

The DiPasquale is shorter and a bit harder. The first movement requires extended range up to 4th ledger line A.

Coleman Hawkins- Body and Soul
John Coltrane - Giant Steps
Sonny Rollins- Sonnymoon For Two
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