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I was thinking about this the other day. I narrowed it down to five.

#5 Oleg ergo neck strap; I have two of these, have held up really well for the last 5 years and I wouldn't go back to a regular strap.

#4 Protech wallet 10 reed holder; I have two of these and they are indestructable--have already outlasted my rico counterpart which broke soon after I started using it

#3 Rovner light lig; I have a couple of these I have used for more than 6 years, they play great and are cheap. Also a fan of the Legacy and the Evo 5. I have one alto lig that is really broken in that has outplayed any other lig I have tried.

#2 ATG reed system; literally a breakthrough for dealing with reeds, this almost should be number one. Does what it says, has provided control over reeds and consistency. Very cool.

#1 RPC .115B tenor mpc. I love this mpc, I have played the same one for the last 7 years and it is able to play any gig comfortably. Also have a second. Big fan of this design, for me an invaluable purchase to have made.

I have gotten great satisfaction out of being happy with these over the years, nice when you find stuff that works for you!



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Saxrax stands for my horns...not cheap but neither are my horns...

Hiscox cases for my horns....again not cheap but neither are my horns

Music medic maintenance kit...needle oiler Etc...great stuff

Patterns for jazz by jerry coker.. this book has helped my tremendously.

Ted Klum handcraft tenor mouthpiece...cured my insane mouthpiece GAS

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1) Shure beta 98H/C Clip-on mic (the best investment I ever made)
2) Neotech Soft Sax Neck Straps (several)
3) Feeler gages, glass gauge and a digital Tip Measuring Gauge (that I made myself)
4) Mouthpiece Patches from "Face Ache Mike"
5) My wife, who allows me spend so much time I want on my saxophones and mouthpieces

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Mouthpiece Cafe Espresso mouthpiece (haven't had the desire for another mouthpiece in a very long time)
Hercules sax stands (cheap, simple, easy to replace and they do the job without shelling out big bucks)
Rico and Hyman neckstraps (Hyman for my alto and Rico for my tenor)
Blue Snowball mic (like the Hercules sax stands, cheap, simple easy to replace and they do the job without shelling out big bucks)
Brancher 1 screw tenor ligature

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1. A good girl friend/roadie is a must. [That tenor case can be mighty heavy after the gig.]

2. A stainless steel flask for libations.

3. An extra, tested reed.

4. Rubber bands

5. Extra neck strap.

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Besides the obvious good sax and mouthpiece, one thing I use quite a bit is a "Soundback" sound reflector that attatches to my mic. I always get to hear my sound that way, even with poor monitoring..

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#1 - College degree which helped me make connections which gave me a lot of money to have a sax hobby.
#2 - Cordier reed clippers so I can start off with a reed soft enough to play out of the box and then clip as it wimps out.

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1. Martin "Official Music Man" tenor
2. Barone tenor
3. Samson Airline 77 wireless clip-on mic
4. Metalite mouthpieces (tenor, bari, soprano, maybe alto soon)
5. The Martin bari

bonus item: Plasticover reeds

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Other thatn my horns and mouthpieces (that's top 6 right there).

And the most indisoensible purchase (non gear) has been private lessons.

So here are my selections.

5. Vandoren reed resurfacer. I use this all the time to bring life back into reeds that maybe swelled up in the window.

4. Snark clip on piezo tuner. great for loud clubs and settling arguments with others or avoiding them and doubling.

3. Korg metronome. absolutely necessary

2. Roberto's Reeds - fantastic.

1. My eMute sax mute. Late night practice sessions have kept me afloat in a very busy world and family life.
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