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Man this is tragic.
He was an absolute legend.
We had tickets to see Toots and the Maytals here in Melbourne this past January.
but they cancelled the concert due to poor air quality.
This was at the time of the massive bush fires here in Victoria.
Spent my teens dancing along to Toots and Jimmy Cliff etc.
This really is sad news.

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Toots dropped a new album, "Got to be Tough", just a couple days before he went into the hospital. <sigh>

Please enjoy some Toots.


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I was sad to hear the news that Toots had passed on. One of the best reggae performers I have seen this side of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh all of whom I saw in the late 70's.

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I spent all day yesterday listening to his music. Saw him in concert a number of times. Once even was involved in preparing his post-concert (vegetarian) meal for a show out on Long Island (NY) sometime around 1978. Great show, small venue. His shows were always great.
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