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Took a plunge on a ratty ebay Aristocrat

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Well, here we go again. Some of you may recall that last year I found a ratty split-key aristocrat alto and Chu-Jerry brought it back to life for me.

Now I've picked up an even rattier split-key aristicrat tenor off of ebay!!! I picked it up for BIN and with shipping have $160 in it. This one is deplorable, but I don't think it's as bad as the ebay pics make it out to be. Some of the keys are frozen and it will take some penetrating oil quite a while to fix. The good news is eventhough the finish is shot and the keys aren't movingvery well, there doesn't seem to be any major damage at first sight. I just pulled it out of the box and will try to report back on it. One thing is certain, it needs new springs (who's got some?) and the bow guard is gone (anybody got one?).

I may be delusional, but I think it can be rescued!

I'll try and get some pics online...
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(Chu-Jerry changes his name, grows a beard and sneaks out of the country.)

Congratulations, I wish you luck.

I've bungled so many rescue attempts
with other objects that by now I'd much
rather watch it than try it. Please keep us posted.

In my mind's eye I see Chu-Jerry beavering away
in a dark basement laboratory preparing for the
lightning so he can revive some ancient horn.

This is old stuff worth saving.
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I rescued my 140 a couple of years ago and could sense that it was a great horn. As a result I had Jason DuMars engrave it. After that I had my tech strip the finish and put some roos in it. Great horn.
Ha! Don't get too uneasy Jerry, I'll have to save my pennies for a while before this one can have a go! I think most techs cringe, shake their heads, and call me a lost cause. This one will play again! some day...

I just noticed some neck damage so it may need a patch, not sure. Still ecstatic about it though.

Hurling, did you leave the 140 in a bare finish?

Thanks for the ncouragement Rabbit!
The 140 had most of the lacquer gone but what remained gave the horn a cheetah look that I just didn't like. I had my tech chem-strip it and he lightly polished the finish (I think). It has oxidized nicely. The 140 has nice hand feel and a very sweet core to it.
Well, just oiled the keys and more than I expected are beginning to loosen. Fingers are crossed! This one has some sort of patchy finish on it and some scaley stuff and other assorted scary things stuck to it so God only knows what's under there. The alto Jerry restored had been buffed in the past, but this one I'm not sure on. It's hard to pick out the engraving under layers of... stuff, but when I look closely I can see all the engraving lines including those light zip-zags. Dunno, I'll try and snaps some pics this weekend. Speaking of snaps, I think they're all there!
I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I just happen to have a set of new springs.
Oh, and the bow-guard for these - not too difficult to reproduce.

(OK somebody just shoot me now)
Sheesh... you're a poor influence. A very, very poor influence! I might scare you with some pictures in a couple days...
Buescher engraved these horns through the lacquer so the engraving appears to be faint when all of the lacquer goes away.
Don't worry Jerry, I've got your back!!!!!LOL:blob:
Interesting point on the lacquer, that's what seems to be the case here. It all looks like it's there, just kinda faint.

Oh, another question. This thing came w/o a case, should I try one of those Gator GLs, or does somebody else have a better recommendation (I don't really like the zippered cases)?
I have mine is a contoured pro-tech. I would think the gator would work as well but I haven't tried it.
You sir, are a VERY brave soul. I saw that horn. Jerry, I hope your passport is current. It is time to leave the country for a while.

This Gator case fits my 266xx (a Chu-Jerry restored original silver beauty) very well with a lock and no zipper.

Good luck cmyru97. May the force be with you.
There's a very fine line between brave and crazy...

I'll try and snap some more shots of this basement/barn/outhouse dweller today and get them posted. All keys are moving now except the A and G in the upper stack, oh, and the Low Eb and C.

I'm guessing I should really keep oiling for a few days before turning a screw driver anywhere? My biggest problem is spotting the subtle (or not so) bends and flexes that may be hidden from novice eyes. I haven't developed a plan of action on this one yet, but I'd like to disassemble and clean/polish this one myself. I'll probably swing by my tech and have him identify any major issues (ie- give him a laugh) before proceeding and laying out a plan. I'll try and post those pics because I'd appreciate forum input on this one as well!
Ah! Saintsday! You made my day, I was wondering if the ABS Gator would fit spilt bell keys. I'd MUCH rather go that route than the zipper, thanks!
I would be prepared to de-solder a few posts
good lord what an ugly sax! the praise rode hard and put up wet comes to mind
It looks like everything is there so I think it can be saved. I'm a sucker for reclamation projects.
The serial number is also in the range desired by Rascher disciples (263k-268k)- according to one of his students.

I also have trouble turning away neglected horns (much to the chagrin of my bank account :cry: ), good to know there are others with the same issue!
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