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Too Good To Be True?

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I found a MKVI Tenor for sale. The lady send me some pics and it looks fantastic. The sn look like some where in the 100s but could not tell exactly from the pics. She is asking 2600 and half the shipping (from france). She does not know a lot about it because its belongs to her husband and he is in the hospital. Every email she says how she is in a rush to sell it. I am thinking it might be a scam and walk away from it. But it is so tempting........ What do you guys think?:?
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How did you hook up with this lady?
Is there some reason that you've got to decipher the s/n from the photos and she cannot tell it to you?
How does she want payment? If Western Union, I'd say, walk away.


I found her on she was very vague on answers to my questions. I can sort of understand not know the sn. MKVI have how many numbers on the back. So if she did not know which one was which.
Dude save your money. This is probably a scam.

I'd never by a horn and have it shipped from another country, unless it was from a seller with a good reputation or possibly someone from this forum in good standing and with a long history of being so.
Seems too risky. Test out if she is willing to use escrow service.
This "woman" from "France" with the "ill relative" scam rears it's ugly face every now and then. It has even been mentioned here on the forum in the past.....JUST WALK AWAY. Or you could just set your money on fire and get rid of it that way.
I second, third, and fourth this... It's a SCAM. One sure way to prove it... tell "her" you'll be in France to pick it up as part of your work for the FBI.
topher said:
Every email she says how she is in a rush to sell it.
As everyone is telling you, yes it's definitely a scam, and not a very good one at that! The minute she starts telling you she's in a "rush to sell it," coupled with the too-low price, you can forget about it.

That was my first post here. I thank you very much for your advice. I wil walk away. This is a great site.
loving it jason!
next time i have the oppurtunity, i will say just that!!!!
I got a similar scam on a Selmer Bass. The original owner tipped me off to the ebay scam here in Florida. I told the guy my uncle worked for the Sheriff dept. in that county and would bring him cash so there would be no shipping problem. It was off ebay in about 3 hours.
Watch out for Craiglist. Many many scammers on there, unfortunately.
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