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Hi guys

I haven't played sax for much time now (tenor foi a year and a half, before that, alto one year and now I just bought a bari).

I live in Portugal and i'm kind of addicted to extended techniques (was what brought me in to the sax, hey to each it's own :p). So basically there were somethings I was eager to really learn when I bought my first sax (I experimented more on the tenor than anything else, alto was more to learn how to blow throught a saxophone basically), like slap tonguing and subtone, and circular breathing, and circular breathing with subtone or overtones, etc.

So anyway cutting to the chase. There are still things (and there allways will I guess) that bug the hell out of me, like the articulation of things and speed or definition.

I can't do double or triple slap tongues like I've heard some people say it's possible.

but this is what is really bothering me: I was looking for possible answers on these issues and i've found this:

it's a workshop that Mark Dresser gave I guess. And this pdf was written by someone who participated (and that I tried to get in contact with, but with no help). This guy has this description of "tongue pops" or whatever he calls it:

Sample #1 Tongue Pops
Range: Full normal range of instrument
Dynamics: ppp - p
Rapidity: 8
notes at 130 bpm
Circular breathing: N/A
Details: good for percussive effects, could be used with quiet drumming, very staccato

I was like: "meh". But then I found the mp3 files concerning these descriptions on the same site. And I heard the file: Will Jones - Tongue Pops.mp3

I thought: "meh" again. I can do this. But at the 10th or 11th second he completely changes to something that i've been trying like hell to accomplish and can't seem to figure out!!!

Mats Gustaffson also does that on this video on the tenor:

Anyone has clues/answers/tips? I'm so frustrated with this. There is basically no one here to talk to about this in my country, so I can't even compare things or get ideias.

Thanks a lot!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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