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Tones from Neck and Mouthpiece

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Hi all. I have been reading a lot of the articles on here, what a great website!

I'm a bit of a beginner at this (alto sax), and I want to learn things correctly. I read the article about proper emboushure and was trying to get my moutpiece and neck to produce the recommended A880 tone. I have a KORG choromatic tuner that I use for violin, and it's been tested against other tuners so I know it's accurate. I cannot get the neck to produce the A880, it will make a G# all day long. If I stuff the mouthpiece further into the cork, I can get a "low" A880, but then the instrument plays too sharp, and doesn't sound right, I get some oscillations and "phasing". The correct position (for this sax) for the mouthpiece on the cork is where the neck (alone) makes the G#.

I've been able to form my emboushure in order to get a nice, round, full G# using this technique, but can't get the recommended tone of A880.

Any suggestions? Is this a big deal?

the instrument is a YAS 23.


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I may need someone to back me up on the correct pitches, but you should go back and read the article again and make sure it says mouthpiece AND neck. Playing the mouthpiece without the neck, you should be able to get the A. With the mouthpiece and the neck the pitch should be G#.

Well, I do feel like an idiot!


Lesson learned: read it twice, before posting a question about it!


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