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Tone Master "S5" facing

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I've seen an old otto link tone master with an "S5" written at the bottom of the table?
is it a normal 5 facing, or a short facing with a 5 tip opening?
any idea?
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Maybe it's been rafaced, and then the refacer stamped that on there.
it's not refaced, it looks quite minty (gold plating, etc...)
I think I may have seen that piece on eBay awhile back. I asked a veteran mouthpiece refacer if he had ever heard of that stamping on the table. He had not. If it is the same piece it didn't look quite so minty then. Are you sure that it has not been refaced or replated? Have you measured the tip opening?
Maybe it stands for "stuffy" 5. We can't see the number in the picture to give you a better opinion.
I have an original STM with a "G" on it.
Got it that way in the late 70's.
Anyone seen letters like that before and know what the story is?
Maybe "G" stands for "good". I've always wondered how to tell the good Links from the rest. :cool:
OMG...that's the famous "supra" number 5. :D

Maybe it's something special.
Here is a better picture of the Mouthpiece that shows the detail after I fixed it in Photoshop.

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thanks Albey for the new pic.
any new ideas?
Geezz!!!! I know Garzone was playing a "10*" at some point but who could actually get a sound out of a "55!!":)
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