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Tone in Transition

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You know I've always had a good tone and it's caught the attention of listeners even from the very beginning back in high school. The notes are a different story but I'm still working on that at 50+. We started recording rehearsals with my quartet a couple weeks ago and I'm noticing that HARDNESS developing in my sound. It's transitioning - not sure I like where it's going but am interested to see what happens as I enter a new chapter of sound.
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I've had many tones over the years from a Desmond, to Grover To sanborn to at times Kenny Garret influenced. But as I get older I notice the same thing you do . My sound is the voice I want to sing with. Not like someone else. Ive gone back to longer long tones 20 secs soft to loud to soft and that has opened more options for me. You have to watch recordings though. Mic and mic placement can dramatically change what is recorded and it sometimes isn't what you thought it was. I have a ribbon mic which does my sax well but I use a condenser mic for my flute and that helps the tone. Go by what you like. I used to play "good tone" with some bands and I blended so well I couldn't hear myself the entire gig. Not my idea of a good time K
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