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tone edge vs STM soprano

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I am currently playing a hr rubber link 5* and really want to try a 6. I was wondering if anybody has compared a hr link to a metal one on soprano in the same facing.

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Metal Link in curved or straight soprano

I suppose that the darker sound of a curved soprano in comparison to a straight soprano would compensate the "brightness" of the link metal MPC.
in other words, ...

a curved vintage Soprano and a Link metal could be a good match.

Some members don´t hear differences in the timbre of straight vs Curved, some others hear it so I would expect different meanings about.

I would let make a custom work in the Chamber of a modern STM link sop MPC to do it larger and let make tipps and rails "perfect" in 0,0005 for better playability. Baffle would still original.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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