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Tomplay Interactive Sheet Music with Backing Tracks

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I just discovered this app that combines sheet music with play-along tracks in useful ways:

It started out with a focus on classical music, then branched out a little jazz and pop. I love being able to play with a piano or harpsichord accompanist on a Telemann flute sonata, with the ability to adjust the speed for practice, and to record myself in a pretty decent way along with the accompanying part.

It seems like it'd also be a good way to practice sight reading.

N.B. I don't have any affiliation with the app, just thought it was cool.
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Oh, I've discovered this amazing app several years ago when I tried to find music for my twitch channel. I was able to practice various instruments without buying them in real life. The most amazing instrument there was the flute because it was able to produce a lot of magnificent sounds. But unfortunately, it was impossible to use these tracks during my streams on Twitch. The problem was that I wanted to have such music played in the background of my videos. And I was really lucky to find on this forum the post about that allows downloading such music from their platform. I bought an annual subscription and have been using their tracks without any problems.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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