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I have started looking at the concerto and found some obviously wrong notes in the saxophone part which are noted the same as the alto part in the piano reduction. Does anyone know a place to find any erratas for this piece.

ex. of wrong notes
Measure 30-31 the down beats are notated G# Bb A B C C# D D#
The top notes of the same passage are G# A Bb B C C# D D#
And the notes are obviously outlining a chord in 6/4 inversion then up by half steps so that first line is a mistake.

on Page three in the cadenza there is a B as the third note which was Bb every other time it showed up in that kind of line.

also in the caenza there are accidents missing or not in the line marked Measure 161 starting with C# D B then 2 later there is no sharp sign is that a mistake of forgetting a sharp or is is suppose to be natural?

then in line 162 are the sixteenths grouped in 3 suppose to be like triplet sixteenths or as sixteenths making it a displaced beat.

I really want to play this piece but these mistakes that I found are annoying and detract me from playing it because I then wonder if the solo is riddled with more mistakes.

So If anyone knows the answers to the above or know of anymore mistakes or what could be mistakes let me know.
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