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Soul Station's my favorite too, although most of his early Blue Note sides are great. He also did a lot of good stuff as a side man. I was doing some cleaning up this weekend and found this gem that features some great playing by Hank on almost every cut:

Forehead Smile Photograph Coat Font

It's up on YouTube if you can't find it elsewhere.

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Soul Station is my favorite, but I started the day with this gem....enjoy!
I'm really glad you said that-- I was just thinking that I wish Hank got more accolades outside of Soul Station. That's definitely one of my favorite records ever, but there's so much more, and I think he was at his best playing with other horn players.
Soul Station is a such an iconic record that I think people forget to explore his time with Horace Silver or Art Blakey.


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The Turnaround is excellent!
Love it. I transcribed the head and Hank's wonderful solo and it's here if you would like to check it out:

Doing the transcription, I was amazed at how fluent, inventive and accurate Hank's solo is. It just seems spot on and flawless.

I found that the stereo recording has Hank's tenor panned hard over to one side and Freddie Hubbard's trumpet over the other side. That means you can pretty much get rid of the tenor and play along with Freddie and the rhythm section by using the balance control.

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