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Alright, well I've been reading some random posts around here and stuff on the web and "today's classical sound" keeps popping up or something much the same. So, what is today's classical sound? I admit I don't listen to a ton of classical sax, but I do listen to some. I have Marcel Mule CD's and Sigurd Rascher CD's and Londeix doing the Creston Sonata. But apparently from what I heard, Mule's sound is outdated and not what today's sound is. That must go for Rascher too I would assume.

So, what should I be listening to/for and what should I try to imitate? And don't give me a "create your own sound" line. I at least want to know what a classical sound should sound like. The type of vibrato, articulation, etc.

It's just confusing to me because I don't understand how a classical sound can be out of date and change.

1 - 4 of 73 Posts
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