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to My Australian Friends - reed options in OZ

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For those who may not be aware Solar Music in NSW now stock Alexander's reeds while Leisure Coast in Woolongong stock Marca & Stuere reeds - and are apparently soon to have Gonzales also - finally were here in Australia have options! I think Rigotti & Gonzales can be found at Reeds And More. If any of the Aussies here care to augment this list that would be great. I used to source most of my reeds from the UK so to finally have local stockists is just fabulous.
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thanks but Ozwinds? I've been driving by a couple of times each week and consider the OZwinds options exceedingly limited. Music Place I visit from time to time and yes, they also have Gonzales. Thanks for the reminder.
Peter at Leisure Coast hopes to be stocking Rigotti and Sirari by years end.
The new Rigotti Wild reeeds still not available in OZ
I just ordered 2 boxes from Euro.
For feeling. It quite similar as the ishimori reeds
from where did you order and what were the freight charges? I was about to order a box at 36 Euros but baulked at the 18 Euros freight charges!!!
I've contacted a couple of Rigotti dealers asking them to source the Wilds for me. LCBW in Woolongong and Reeds-Direct in the UK (where I get what I can't get locally - eventually).
FWIW - LCWB have Rigotti Wilds in stock
Update March 2022

LCWB Woolongong stock or can order Rigotti - Marca - Steuer

Solar Music Sydney stock Alexander's and Roberto's Winds

OzWinds now stocking Boston Sax Shop reeds

DIY Leak Light - no soldering - find parts here..
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Just noted - LCWB in Woolongong now stock Francois Louis reeds
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