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to My Australian Friends - reed options in OZ

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For those who may not be aware Solar Music in NSW now stock Alexander's reeds while Leisure Coast in Woolongong stock Marca & Stuere reeds - and are apparently soon to have Gonzales also - finally were here in Australia have options! I think Rigotti & Gonzales can be found at Reeds And More. If any of the Aussies here care to augment this list that would be great. I used to source most of my reeds from the UK so to finally have local stockists is just fabulous.
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I use Conrad (former Dr Sax) in Fitzroy North for my limited reed needs.
Trading as
His prices are reasonable and I usually get them within 24 hours.
Probably helps that I’m just up the road from him.
Last time I ordered reeds from overseas it was still far cheaper even with shipping than The Music Place or Ozwinds.
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