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I will be venturing out the front this year for the first time as a Tenor player for our Christmas season gigs. I'll just be doing 1 or 2 tunes to warm the others in the band to the idea plus get the nerve to be in the 'front line' (I'm normally the piano player).

So I've been wondering about the following.

What's the best way to get a decent live sound for hearing oneself? As 'big' as I think my sound is, it doesn't compete well with the amplified musicians on stage (found this out in recent rehearsals). It won't help that we are playing in a big tent. I'd noticed when practicing the benefits of being in front of a wall or window to get feedback from the reflected sound. I've seen these but I figured something could be manufactured quite cheaply at home, at least to try out the concept:

This would also save me the hassle of setting up a dedicated stage sound monitor (won't be playing much saxophone this year at least).

The other thing was miking up the sound. I'd thought a clip-on microphone would be a huge benefit - but I'd seen elsewhere that many don't like these. I already have a nice wireless transmitter. What would be an inexpensive way out for a reasonable quality clip-on microphone that won't feedback too easily and be reasonably isolated from keypress and other unwanted noises?

Or should I stick with my SM57?

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The sound reflector works great. It mounts on a stand mic, so it won't be of any use with a clip-on mic. Since you say you aren't going to be playing the sax a whole lot, I'd just get that sound reflector and stick with the SM57 for now. You can always get a better mic later on. Some say the 57 is a great sax mic, others say it's the worst. I think the truth lies somewhere between those extremes.
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