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Tip opening vs. reed strength. Any suggestions?

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Hello -

I have purchased a Meyer 7m mouthpiece for my Bari, and was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem. I bought a Legere plastic reed to save some dough in the long run by not buying cane reeds, but when I put it on the Meyer I struggled to get a sound for the first three minutes. I was playing in my high school band and had to find a solution (I foolishly had no cane reeds on me), and found it in sliding the ligature way up on the reed. I had to put it WAY past the cut to get control of the horn. I have tried 2 strength Rico reeds on the piece with no major problems, and came to the conclusion that the plastic reed was too hard for such a large (for me) mouthpiece tip opening. So what should I do, get a 6m or a 5m mouthpiece Meyer and use my regular reed strength, or use a softer reed strength on the 7m?

Another thing, I have been looking at the Charles Bay Gerry Mulligan model mouthpiece recently, and I am tempted to take the Meyer back a buy this mouthpiece. Does anyone know anything about how it plays? Would it be a good investment?

Thanks for any help you can give
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Another person joins the JDX players society. WE are few and far between. As a side note i play a Fibracell #4 on my JDX 7. My experience with Meyers are they are great on alto but sound tubby/underwhelming on baritone. YMMV

if you haven't tried Fibracell reads they are worth a shot. They bring a healthy edge to many of my darker sounding mouthpieces (Yamaha 5c and C*) and add super punch to my more lively mouthpieces.
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