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Tip opening vs. reed strength. Any suggestions?

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Hello -

I have purchased a Meyer 7m mouthpiece for my Bari, and was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem. I bought a Legere plastic reed to save some dough in the long run by not buying cane reeds, but when I put it on the Meyer I struggled to get a sound for the first three minutes. I was playing in my high school band and had to find a solution (I foolishly had no cane reeds on me), and found it in sliding the ligature way up on the reed. I had to put it WAY past the cut to get control of the horn. I have tried 2 strength Rico reeds on the piece with no major problems, and came to the conclusion that the plastic reed was too hard for such a large (for me) mouthpiece tip opening. So what should I do, get a 6m or a 5m mouthpiece Meyer and use my regular reed strength, or use a softer reed strength on the 7m?

Another thing, I have been looking at the Charles Bay Gerry Mulligan model mouthpiece recently, and I am tempted to take the Meyer back a buy this mouthpiece. Does anyone know anything about how it plays? Would it be a good investment?

Thanks for any help you can give
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If you like the Meyer and the Legere reed I would suggest getting a softer Legere.
Personally I prefer cane over synthetics, but I'm old and rather set in my ways.

I haven't heard anything about the Bay Mulligan piece. You may want to see if you can try it before you get rid of your Meyer.
While you're trying the Bay you could always try a Meyer with a smaller tip opening.

You didn't mention what mouthpiece you were using prior to the Meyer or what strength/cut Legere you have.
If you give that information maybe the men can give you a few better ideas on how to remedy your situation.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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