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Time To Discuss Your Favorite Blues Heads!

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How about some less commonly played blues heads that should be played more often.

A couple to start...
Junior Cat by Art Pepper (Available on "The Trip)
A Blue Time by Tadd Dameron (Available on Tommy Flannagan's "Eclipso")
The Baghdad Blues by Horace Silver (On Blowin' the Blues Away)
Blues on The Corner by McCoy Tyner (On Supertrios and I think on The Real McCoy too.)
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Raise Four by Monk (One wonderful bar over and over, the easist head you'll ever learn)

Misterioso by Monk - another instance of picking an idea and sticking with it. Sixths in eighths.
Favourite Blues Heads

(Sorry - couldn't resist. :twisted:)
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Oh and one I forgot....
Montmartre Blues by Oscar Pettiford
Some Other Blues (Trane)
Twelve More Bars to go (Shorter)
Sippin' at Bells (Bird..or Miles, I forget..)
In and Out (Joe Hen)
Mamacita (Joe Hen)
Blues for Philly Joe (Rollins)
Solid (Rollins)
The Kicker (Joe Hen)
Isotope(Joe Hen)
Homestretch(Joe Hen)
Another Hair-Do(Bird)
Nostalgia in Times Square -Mingus. ...bouncy, I love it.
2 for Isotope
West Coast Blues-Wes Montgomery
Missile Blues-Wes Montgomery
The Walkin' Blues (Walk Right In, Walk Right Out) --ok it's a novelty song, but it's fun
Definitely both Isotope and Blues on the Corner.

Also, 25-Minute Blues, Yusef Lateef
I've always been a fan of Sandu and Bessie's Blues.

Isotope's awesome, I wish I had the guts to play the head.
Raise Four...definietly a good call. That tune is pretty much the essence of Monk. Love how he lays on the dom. 7th in the LH - so hip.

My vote goes for Lee Morgan's "The Double Up" - very cool double time licks over an F blues - great to play on tenor & really honk out a low Bb on the melody.
And how about...

Symphony Sid by Lester Young
Blues March by Benny Golson
Blowin' The Blues Away by Horace Silver
Five Spot Blues by Monk
Society Red by Dexter
D.B. Blues- Prez
Senor Blues- Horace Silver
The Turnaround- Hank Mobley
Mr.Day- 'Trane
No Tonic Press- Roland Kirk
Eighty One- W.Shorter
Equinox is a great minor head
The Turnaround- Ornette Coleman
Israel- Joe Henderson
Birdlike- Freddie Hubbard
Boogie Stop Shuffle
Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
both by Chazz Mingus
This is probably just semantics, but when does a "blues head" become a jazz song? Take Senor Blues (one of my favs) for example. It's obviously bluesy, but it doesn't actually follow a blues contrafact: rather, it has the standard AABA song scheme (and it's about a guy called "Senor Blues," as opposed to being labelled a blues like Blues at Midnight etc). So is it a blues head or a bluesy jazz standard?

I don't know the changes for that, but there's such a thing as a blues with a bridge, where the A's are a blues chorus and the Bridge is a different set of changes. I can't currently think of any.....just remember covering them in theory class.
Hank Mobley - The Breakthrough
Joe Henderson - Teeter Totter
Birdlike is probably my favorite, especially that intro...
DTExpress said:
Hank Mobley - The Breakthrough
Joe Henderson - Teeter Totter
Loooooove Teeter Totter !

"The Breakthrough" ... that was what I meant to say .. not the Turnaround..oops.
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