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Thunderbolt mouthpiece

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Has anyone ever heard of a Thunderbolt mouthpiece. What info that I have is that they were distributed by Leblanc and were designed by Ralph Morgan and were discontinued about 2 years ago. I any of this true?

I have a chance to pick some up for my web store and I am trying to see what I am getting in to. I had not heard of this mouthpiece.

Let me know what you know.

Ron M
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OK, I have got more info on the Thunderbolt. It is looking like it was made by Yani (not Morgan) and has a high baffle amd is gold plated. According to something that was found on the Leblanc web site:

"The Thunderbolt soprano, alto and tenor mouthpieces are specifically designed for the ultimate in high end jazz performance. The power chamber provides great projection and a well focused sound.

The baffle and chamber allow the sound to be extremely varied, from a crackling thunderbolt to a cat's meow. Expressive, flexible, and reed-friendly, Thunderbolt facings allow you to maintain amazing control."

Leblanc had a retail price of $236. Do you think that $100 would make these mouthpieces a deal?

Ron M
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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