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Thunderbolt mouthpiece

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Has anyone ever heard of a Thunderbolt mouthpiece. What info that I have is that they were distributed by Leblanc and were designed by Ralph Morgan and were discontinued about 2 years ago. I any of this true?

I have a chance to pick some up for my web store and I am trying to see what I am getting in to. I had not heard of this mouthpiece.

Let me know what you know.

Ron M
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Hi, I recently got a thunderbolt mouthpiece for my alto. I've had trouble choosing a reed that suits the mouthpiece - the tone is very thin. Has anyone had success with this mouthpiece? If so - might you have any advise on reeds? Thanks!
Have no experience with Thunderbolt mouthpieces, but La Voz reeds are good if the tone is too thin. Rigotti Gold is another option but they can be difficult to find.
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