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hi, got those three pieces with a horn (eighties purple logo Yamaha), I will put them on sale but have no idea how to price them determine, so I anyone has an idea for approx. sale value?!

1. Charles Bay (HR), can't find tip size no., seems to be somewhere around .105 - .110., original, no reface. Looks like Link TE blank (very steep beak drop) with a bit longer shank (in comparison with my TE EB). Has fixed crack on shank.

2. Selmer Metal Jazz E Tenor (Horseshoe Chamber) with original lig. and cap., original, no reface.

3. Designed by Eugene B. Reglein J6, metal, no reface. High baffle Dukoff style, never heard of those before. Comes with Berg lig. and cap.

I haven't played those mpcs (busy at the moment)., so can't tell how they sound

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